GLI-METRO – Developed for GPS Denied Environments

Put the GPS signal where it is needed. The GLI-METRO will bring the GPS signal into almost any GPS denied environment. Derived from high performance systems for military applications, it is robust and dependable, allowing the user precise control over effective radiated power (ERP) levels. It is smart enough to automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in performance, regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network. GLI-METRO’s Bluetooth capability allows for troubleshooting without accessing rafters or using a man-lift, saving time and money.

Wireless connectivity is an essential part of our business world, allowing us to be productive at all times. GPS Source is an expert at providing wireless solutions that enable GPS signal coverage in essential areas that are GPS denied. The technology behind our GPS solutions are based on proven design principles and have been used extensively in commercial, industrial, military and aerospace applications. Our products are engineered to be robust and reliable, but easy to implement and simple to use. Based on your application, we have solutions for maintenance barns, long distances, low density, dark territory and tunnels. We can design systems for both wireless and fixed infrastructure systems.