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About Us

Started in 2000, GPS Source has been offering a full line of GPS Signal Distribution Products, GPS Retransmission Products and Design Service for GPS/GNSS Infrastructure. We design and manufacture GPS antennas (L1, L1/2, active and passive), GPS amplifiersGPS attenuatorsGPS rack mounts, GPS Filters, GPS Antenna Splitters (power dividers), Coax Cables (including customized connectors) and other GPS signal distribution accessories.
In 2013 the new GNSS repeater 2.0 has been added to this wide range of GNSS products. The METROe is the worlds first GNSS / GPS signal repeater fully compliant to European Standards like ETSI EN 302 645.

  • TOTAL GNSS Solutions.

    D’visie offers you total GNSS solutions for your unique situation at your unique location. For your first responder unit, your test facility, your manufacturing facility. We bring the complete range of GNSS signals inside your facility.

  • GNSS Signal when and where you need it

    Only with a clear line of site to the sky, your GNSS receiver is secured of the GNSS signal it needs to do his job, giving you the information you need. In all other cases D’visie is able to bring the GNSS signal at the location you need it, when you need it.

  • Experienced GNSS reseller

    For more than 10 years now, D’visie is a reseller for GPS Source. Finding solutions for your situation and challenge to get the GNSS signal on the location you need it, but for any reason is not available.

  • Full service GNSS partner

    During the past 10 years D’visie has sold and installed GNSS distribution systems for a wide spectrum of clients. In aircraft hangars, first responder garages, automotive production facilities. Sometimes with reliable partners, but always with the focus on solving your challenge.


GPS Source offers solutions that work.
Checkout these application notes for the GPS signal distribution solution you best fits