GLI-METRO-G gives user complete control over Effective Radiated Power (ERP) levels for the entire GNSS range.


The GLI-METRO-G is a GNSS* smart amplifi er, perfect for the commercial and public
sector. When used in conjunction with an active GPS/GLONASS receive antenna, it will pass
GPS+GLONASS signals inside a building, hangar or any structure where signal is not accessible.

It can be used in an automated test environment or in a shielded room that needs GNSS signal.
GLI-METRO-G has the unique benefi t of allowing selection for the power control between signals.
A user can easily decide which signal output the GLI-METRO-G will use to control signal power:
GPS+GLONASS, GLONASS only or GPS only. This reduces the need for multiple antennas,
receive devices and multiple antenna runs, while lowering maintenance and installation costs.


The GLI-METRO-G employs an automatic control to maintain the set output signal level,
regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network. Derived from
high performance systems for military applications, this device allows precise determination
over effective radiated power (ERP) levels, regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the
receive antenna cable network. It will automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in


The GLI-METRO-G will identify and isolate the following:
– Oscillation condition – Internal component failure
– High gain – Less than four satellites
– Low gain – No satellites with adequate signal
– Short/Open circuit (call for complete list of conditions)