GPS Source provides a solution to the telematics industry, bringing GPS Live Inside a building, parking garage or any other facility. Telematics devices are being used by insurance companies for risk assessment, by the navigation sector, and by freight companies for tracking and proof of regulatory compliance. They help to keep track of assets, keep busses on schedule and give real time location information.

One weakness of telematics systems is that GPS signal tracking information may not be available to vehicles inside parking garages or other covered structures. Telematics systems combine GPS modules with radio transceivers in compact devices that are usually installed underneath vehicle dashboards and positioned to “see sky.” If they do not “see sky” (receive GPS signal), they do not work.

We create products that make GPS signal available inside parking garages or other covered structures. This allows telematic systems to keep track of the fleet everywhere…even in your garage where they are parked overnight.

Not sure where to start or what exactly you need? Call us. Our skilled technicians are familiar with bringing GPS inside to virtually any application where GPS is needed.