Even in the event Propertius here deprecates his beloved’s extravagance for the sartorial deluxe (cf

Even in the event Propertius here deprecates his beloved’s extravagance for the sartorial deluxe (cf

The latest verb tego, with a primary sense of ‘conceal’ (Old s.v. tego 1), apparently mode ‘clothe’ (Old s.v. tego step three) and you will demonstrably consists of that it resonance in its indicated juxtaposition with nudasse, off nudo, ‘create naked, divest’ (Dated s.v. nudo 1). The new poem and so declares ‘dress’ – or rather ‘undress’ – once the a polyvalent shape for Sulpicia’s elegiac poetics. According to the amatory program of contemporary Latin elegy Sulpicia benefits sensual, socially abandoned undress over reputable, socially conformist dress such manage suit the face she ‘leaves on’ getting community, while the she states from the poem’s latest couplet (vultus componere famae | taedet, ‘I am fed up with creating a mask to own rumour,’ 3.13.9–10). From the saying from metaphor off disrobing the woman intent to get her amatory passages on the flow, Sulpicia brings together a couple appear to in comparison

In contrast to the new nakedness off elegy’s patron deity Amor and you may the new discover honesty of your own elegiac poet-partner, at exactly the same time, really stands this new elegiac mistress’s antique love of luxurious clothing and pricey decoration

193 Sartorial Appeal and Poetic Finesse regarding the Sulpician Corpus elegiac skirt codes. Propertius, such as for instance, rebukes their mistress on her behalf demand for high priced dresses and make-up with the new observance that nude goodness doesn’t have respect for forcibly improved beauty (nudus Amor formae low amat artificem, step 1.dos.8). Also Ovid contends one, even when he might do not have the riches and you can large lineage to help you allure their mistress, other characteristics – together with his blameless profile, discover honesty, and you will blushing modesty – is always to commend your so you can the girl (Are. Read more

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